The Beau Arndt Foundation

"Helping Children and Their Families Learn to Enjoy the Outdoors Safely"

Beau Arndt 12/18/1988 - 12/15/2007
Beau always enjoyed helping other people.  At the Americus, Kansas swimming pool
he would help younger kids learn to swim, and they usually wanted him to be the
"gater".  He taught his younger brother and sister, Seth and Annabelle, how to play
baseball and softball.  When he started driving, almost every time he went to
Emporia, he would stop by his Grammie's house to visit and see if she needed
anything done.

After learning how to hunt and fish from various neighboring friends, he loved to take
others out scouting for game, sometimes while on horses.  He often said his favorite
time was Christmas so he could take the deer jerky he made to the neighbors.
December 15, 2007 while hunting geese with two friends, Beau was killed.  A drive-by road hunter shot
into the field where Beau and his friends were.  The high-powered shot ended Beau's life.

Beau loved to ride horses, fish, hunt, camp, play baseball, be funny, and to make people happy.  If it
had anything thing to do with animals, nature, and the outdoors, it was perfect for Beau.

The Beau Arndt Foundation is dedicated to continuing the ideals and beliefs that Beau lived.  Those
ideals are the mainstays of the mission statement:
          "Helping Children and Their Families Enjoy the Outdoors Safely"
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Kansas Wildlife and Parks DVD "Tragedy at Wright's Creek"

This DVD was developed by the KDWPT to help with safety and ethical
topics.  The DVD depicts the incident that ended Beau's life.  It is mandatory
viewing in all hunting safety classes in Kansas and at least 27 other states
as well as a few foreign countries.  Click the icon to view.
September 28, 2013  5th Beau Arndt Outdoor Appreciation Day
Come attend the Outdoor Day - Jones Park in Emporia , KS.  2013 Poster coming soon.

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